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The Easter Holidays are with us and are usually marked with religious festivities and lots of merry making that involves a lot of movement and travel, as families join their loved ones in different parts of the country.

This year however, according to the IEBC schedule of events, the period coincides with political party primaries to produce party candidates for the various electoral seats. We are conscious from our mapping that certain seats are likely to attract intense competition, which in some instances could lead to violence. We therefore wish to appeal to all contestants as well as voters to conduct themselves in accordance with the law. All officers are under strict instruction to enforce the law firmly, irrespective of the status or political affiliation of the offender(s). We also wish to appeal to political parties to work closely with Police Commanders in the respective Counties for the purpose of ensuring that their primaries are held in peaceful and secure environment and all potential troublemakers are kept away.

Additionally, we would like to thank Kenyans for working closely with security agencies in the efforts to fight terrorism. These efforts have enabled security agencies to foil numerous attempts by terrorists to infiltrate into the country to further their evil intentions. Nevertheless, we wish to remind Kenyans that the threat of terrorism remains high; hence we must at all times remain vigilant, particularly in political party activities such as rallies and processions. These also include places of worship, bars and restaurants, bus terminus and railway Stations including ferries as well as any other places patronized by big crowds.

We also ask all Kenyans to be fully conscious of their surroundings and to oblige to security checks in malls, Public Service Vehicles, places of worship, hotels and other public places. Where laxity is noted, members of the public are urged to bring it to the attention of the concerned security management, any security officer nearby or report to the Police using our Toll Free Emergency line 999, 911 or 112.

Further, whilst we have achieved a remarkable success in minimizing cattle rustling in Laikipia and Baringo Counties, there have been claims that the Police target innocent members of the public and loot their property. This is far from the truth. Officers are under strict instruction to target only armed rustlers, and illegal grazers and the operation will continue till normalcy is fully restored. In this respect, we call upon members of the public, religious, political and all community leaders to continue cooperating with the Police as well as all other security agencies.

Finally we wish to appeal to all motorists to obey the Highway Code and the applicable traffic laws so as to avoid needless carnage on our roads during this Easter Holiday.

Meantime, we wish all Kenyans God’s blessings during the Easter period.




Date: 13th April, 2017


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