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The National Police Service wishes to inform that part of its constitutional mandate is to ensure law and order prevails at all times that include providing security coverage during General Elections.

In execution of the aforesaid mandate, the Service has made elaborate arrangements to provide security coverage for the entire electoral process based on the calendar provided by the IEBC. These include voter registration, party primary elections, the official campaign period up and including the General Election date on 8th August 2017, and the period immediately thereafter.

These arrangements include providing security coverage to all political party primaries. In this respect, we did write to all political parties through the IEBC to provide us with their schedule of events, and indeed we got a response from the majority of political parties, including all the larger parties. Consequently, we appointed Liaison Officers to be the link persons between the National Police Service and the individual parties.

We therefore wish to reiterate that security coverage is available to all political parties, a service that we have provided since the commencement of the primaries.Any party that wishes to request for additional cover, such as escort of ballot papers to and from polling stations, is encouraged to do so at its earliest convenience.

Finally, the National Police Service remains committed to fulfilling its mandate as outlined in the Constitution and other relevant legislation, and is determined to provide enabling environment for the citizens of our country to exercise their democratic right to vote.




24TH APRIL, 2017

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