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The National Police Service would like to thank Kenyans of good will for continuing to work with security agencies in the fight against all forms of crime, especially terrorism and drug trafficking. Arising from our collaboration, we have foiled numerous terrorist plots to infiltrate into our country to stage attacks, and arrested several terror suspects and drug dealers, many of whom have appeared before court.

Arising out of valiant efforts by AMISOM troops in Somalia including KDF, the Al Shabaab terror group is now under serious pressure in Somalia and has split into small groups, some of whom are heading towards our border with the intention of staging attacks. These groups are dispatching operatives into parts of North Eastern Region to lay IEDs along the routes used by our security patrols in efforts to frustrate our security operations at the border areas. The movements have been in general areas of Mandera East,Lafey,Hulugho, Elwak, Dif,Kolbio and Kutulo.

In this respect, though many terror plots have been thwarted, there have been two unfortunate incidents in Mandera County in which suspected Al Shabaab elements sneaked in and attacked innocent Kenyans. One such incident was the attack of workers in a quarry in Qalanqalesa in Elwak on 12th May 2017 in which four Kenyans lost their lives.

The other incident happened in the night of 15th May 2017 in which the Chief of Omar Jillow location was attacked and killed by suspected Al Shabaab terrorists.

Security agencies in the area remain vigilant and are on the hunt for the terrorists who attempt to sneak into our Country.

Among those we are pursuing include one Abdirizak Maalim Aweys, who hails from El Ram location in Mandera County.

Aweys is the one behind the killing of the four quarry workers and he is also believed to be involved in the laying of IEDs along the roads in Elwak, Kotulo, Chabibar and Fatuma in Mandera Central Sub County.

In this respect, we wish to appeal to members of the public to volunteer any information that may assist in bringing these terrorists to book for action in accordance with the law.

Additionally, in the wake of the latest terrorist attack in Manchester, UK, there is the real risk of local operatives attempting to stage copycat attacks. In this respect therefore, whilst we have heightened vigilance on our part, we wish to appeal to the public to be watchful for any suspicious activity on the part of any person. Those in private security business should heighten their vigilance and discharge their tasks with greater sense of alertness.

We call upon all members of the public to be fully conscious of their surrounding at all times, especially while riding in Public Service Vehicles (PSV) or while in public premises such as places of worship, restaurants, or bus/railway and airport terminals.

Should anyone sight anything out of the ordinary, that matter should be reported promptly to the nearest police station, security officer or call our Toll Free numbers 999,911 and 112.

Let us all work together to safeguard and protect our motherland.

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