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The Inspector General, National Police Service Mr. Hilary Mutyambai has underscored psychological wellbeing of police officers as an integral part of policing activities in the Service.

Mr. Mutyambai said this today in a speech read on his behalf by his Principal Assistant, Mr. Nyale Munga, during the official launch of a Trauma-Informed Policing Initiative, referred to as, Muamko Mpya-Healing the Uniform program at the Kenya School of monetary Studies.

He said, despite the quality training that prepares the officers for policing activities, stress and trauma experiences they undergo while maintaining law and order often leave them with psychological and emotional scars that require healing for effective and efficient service delivery.  

The IG emphasised the importance of Muamko Mpya program that will complement  the internal efforts within the NPS to advance the psychological wellbeing of the officers.

A strong mutual peer-to-peer psychological support advocated by the program, he said, will re-awaken the inner healer in each and every officer to enable them build resilience towards preserving psychological health during stormy times.

Under Muamko Mpya, pilot program, over 500 police officers and non-uniformed officers across the country, have already been trained on leadership and peer-to-peer psychological support in trauma-informed policing. The core aspects of the curriculum include: stress and trauma awareness, identity, relationships, security, resilience, healing and transformation among others.

The IG envisages that Trauma-Informed Policing Initiative will go a long way in benefiting the individual officers and their families together with the communities they serve.

To ensure sustainability of the program, the Inspector General  directed  the Deputy Inspector Generals of the  Kenya Police  and the Administration Police Services  together with the Directorate of Criminal Investigations, to roll out Trauma Informed Policing Initiative program to the ward level.

He further instructed Regional and County Commanders to create space and adopt practices that enhance peer- to -peer psychological support across ranks and file and within the command structure.

Counselling offices should be established in all commands  in order to align and harmonize the provision of wellbeing and psychological program in the service besides integrating Muamko Mpya training curriculum in all courses at all NPS training institutions, the IG instructed.


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