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    Complaints about loss of crime and incident report trails at police stations will now be a thing of the past after the launch of Digital Police Occurrence Book.

    The Digital Occurrence Book operates in such a way that once a report has been made and entered, it cannot be altered.

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    Did you know that the Police Service started   as a basic outfit during the colonial era that grew steadily to the current 100,000 plus police officers providing security and public safety to Kenyans?

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    The Inspector General, National Police Service Mr. Hilary Mutyambai has underscored psychological wellbeing of police officers as an integral part of policing activities in the Service.

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Press Releases/Statements


The Inspector General National Police Service has this afternoon 25th June, 2020 ordered the immediate arrest and suspension of the officer who was involved in a shooting incident in Lesos, Nandi East sub-county. 

This follows a shooting incident that ensued after a bodaboda rider carrying two pillion passengers was arrested. Protesting bodaboda riders thereafter attacked the arresting officer and his colleagues and attempted to snatch a rifle as they escorted the arrested persons to Lesos Police Station, leading to the fatal shooting of Lazarus Kirop, a man aged 40 years.

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It is a very unfortunate attack on the Inspector General National Police Service. As director in charge of Corporate Communication Affairs and Human Rights, I have been addressing a number of issues as alleged on extra judicial killings by Police on his behalf.
The Inspector General[IG] is the chief spokesperson for the Police and I simply undertake that responsibility on his behalf.
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Road safety measures during the festivities

The festive season is here with us and is the period when we expect increased travel to various destinations for the festivities.

Additionally, it is a time when most parts of the country have experienced heavy rainfall

presenting potentially dangerous conditions and statistics indicate that road traffic crashes tend to increase during such seasons especially at hazardous zones or blackspots. 

 Several incidences where motorists drive through flooded roads have been reported across the country and it is prudent that the Public take measures to ensure their safety and that of others. Passengers should play their part and speak out against such dangerous behavior. Underestimating the speed and depth of the water can easily lead to a fatal crash. 

Road users must be cognizant of the fact that after such heavy downpour across the country, the buildup of dirt and debris on roads pose a danger to motorists. In some areas, roads have been swept away and as the relevant agencies restore the road infrastructure, we urge motorists to make efforts to familiarize themselves with the conditions of the road they intend to use. 

Reports indicate that from January to December 2019, a total of 3,388 persons have lost their lives on our roads. This is an increase of 13.5% compared to the same period last year. Notably, 80.7% of reported fatalities are among vulnerable road users such as motorcyclists, pillion passengers and pedestrians. Strict adherence to the traffic laws and the use of designated crossing points such as zebra crossings and foot-bridges will greatly reduce fatalities among this category. 

Analysis of road safety data demonstrate that 93% of crashes are attributed to human behavior such as loss of control due to high speed, lane indiscipline, overloading, dangerous overtaking among others. Statistics further elaborate that in December 2018 a total of 342 lives were lost on our roads which translates to the loss of approximately 11 lives each day. We all have to work towards reversing this trend. 

During this period, NTSA in collaboration with the National Police Service will intensity road safety public education campaigns and put in place evidence based enforcement interventions. Of great focus will be to ensure all drivers and passengers comply with the requirements of the regulations and abide by traffic laws. The key areas of emphasis shall be; 

  1. Proper Documentation: Verification of validity/status of Road Service Licenses (RSL), Motor Vehicle Inspection, Driving Licences (DL), PSV Licenses and Conductor Badges.
  1. Compliance with Route allocation: This is to ensure PSVs only ply routes that they are licensed to operate on.
  1. Use of Short Term Licence and Night Travel Licence: NTSA shall revoke an approved licence if the operator is found contravening its terms and conditions.
  1. Speed monitoring: NTSA shall closely monitor the fleet data of PSVs and if any is driven beyond the stipulated speed requirement, a prohibition order shall be issued against the specific vehicle hence barring it from operating until such a time it is assessed to be roadworthy. Further, 20% of the Sacco/Company's vehicles shall be required undergo a compliance evaluation including motor vehicle inspection.
  1. Tampering with speed limiters: If any of the vehicles subjected to the compliance inspection is noted to have a tampered speed limiter, the entire Sacco/Company's fleet shall be required to undergo a mandatory motor vehicle inspection. 6. Driver Checks: Random stops along major highways shall be conducted during the day and night to verify validity of DLs, speed checks, use of seatbelts, overloading, freewheeling among other issues. Any driver found flouting traffic rules shall have the DL suspended and be required to undergo a mandatory driver retest.
  1. Public education campaigns: Road safety campaigns on mass media, at bus termini and police check points shall be intensified in a bid to sensitize the road users on the need for behaviour change. 

To this end, we advise motorists to plan ahead to avoid last minute rush, check the mechanical soundness of your vehicles in good time. When on the road be extra vigilant, patient and mindful of other road users. We also urge members of the public to report incidences on the road to the Police hotline or through the free NTSA Mobile Application. 

Road safety is a shared responsibility and we must all work together to deal with this challenge. 

DIRECTOR GENERAL                                                                                                                                      INSPECTOR GENERAL

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