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The National Police Service (NPS) has unveiled Standard Operating Procedures for the prevention and response to Gender Based Violence.

Inspector General Joseph Boinnet who yesterday launched the document described the uniform approach in the prevention of Gender Based Violence, as a significant milestone towards transforming the Police to provide people centred policing service.

Mr. Boinnet said the officers have now been empowered to confidently and effectively deal with Gender Based Violence without embarrassing or demeaning the victims.

The Inspector General who reiterated the commitment of the NPS to strengthen and deepen partnerships and develop linkages with other development partners, security agencies, stakeholders and communities hailed the UKs Department for International Development (DFiD)  for funding  the development of the SOPs through Coffey/Jamii Thabithi organization in Kenya.

Mr. Boinnet reaffirmed the NPS commitment towards the implementation of the SOPs at station level so that GBV cases get quick responses adding that child helpline operates 24hours a day to receive reports on GBV cases among other security issues for necessary action.

To professionally, effectively and exhaustively deal with GBV cases, the IG promised that the NPS will set aside a wing at the National Police Service hospital that will soon be constructed.

The NPS has unveiled the uniform approach to deal with GBV cases because most violations are reported at Police Stations, Posts and Patrol Bases countrywide.

The SOPs will go a long way in improving officers’ understanding of the causes and drivers of GBV besides outlining the existing legal framework on the prevention and response to GBV offenses.

A systematic process in the investigation of GBV cases has equally been provided while highlights on the fundamental principles in handling the victims professionally among other guidelines in dealing with such cases have been spelt out in the SOPs.

Ultimately, the SOPs are geared towards inculcating gender sensitive behaviour and attitude among officers, improving their capacity to effectively respond to Gender Based crimes and enhance a collective and sustained effort in the prevention of GBV across all communities in Kenya.

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