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The National Police Service
The creation of the National Police Service is provided for by the Constitution, the National Police Service Act 2011 and the National Police Service Commission Act 2011. In accordance with the provisions, the National Police Service consists of:

  1.  The Kenya Police Service,
  2. The Administration Police Service,
  3. The Directorate Criminal Investigations and
  4. The Internal Affair Unit.

The National Police Service is under the independent command of the Inspector General. Mr. Japhet N. Koome EBS, HSC, ndc (K)
The Kenya Police Service(KPS), the Administrative Police Service(APS) and the Directorate of Criminal Investigation(DCI) are each headed by a Deputy Inspector General. The current  Deputy Inspector General of the KPS is Mr. Douglas Kanja Kirocho, EBS, OGW,  Mr. Noor Y. Gabow CBS,OGW, ndc(K) is the Deputy Inspector General for the APS and Mr. Mohamed I. Amin, EBS, OGW, ndc(K) is the serving Director of the DCI.

Objectives  and Functions of the National Police Service
According to Article 244 of the Constitution, the NPS shall:

  • Strive for the highest standards of professionalism and discipline among its members
  • Prevent corruption and promote  and practice transparency and accountability
  • Comply with constitution standards of human rights and fundamental freedoms
  • Train staff to the highest possible standards of

                  i.    Competence
                  ii.   Integrity
                  iii.  Respect for human rights
                  iv.  Fundamental freedoms and dignity
                  v.   Foster and promote relationships with the broader society


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